About Me

An English damsel living in a Foreign country, born and bred in the Heart of England that was the birthplace of the Bard of Avon. Born with some of Juliet’s traits: decisive and headstrong, loyal and passionate beyond measure.

With a general interest in history but having a particular penchant for all things First and Second World War with family connections. A great believer of “Those Who Come Afterwards See That Their Names And Endeavours Are Not Forgotten.” Humbled and privileged to be treading daily the hallowed ground of the Western Front.

Not only a forest (books) ever growing in my dwelling but also a person who loves her bimbles in the natural outdoors.

Travel with me through my blogs as I attempt to record a small essence of my existence.

Remember though, I am no Bard, merely an English damsel who will marvel as you read my blogs, that your patience knows no bounds.